‘It’s over’

Woman trolled by date from hell for 13 long years wins damages in court case

Lindsey Goldrick Dean. (Twitter / 5News)

A long nightmare is over for one woman in England after she dodged a 13-year period of harassment from a man she met online.

According to The Week, Lindsey Goldrick Dean met Paul Curran in 2004 through the dating classifieds on The Guardian (long predating this era of Tinder and Bumble), and when she broke up with him after a few dates in February 2005, he engaged in what her lawyer called “civil harassment.”

This included establishing 10 websites containing images and offensive content about her, creating Twitter accounts in her name, and directly harassing Dean and her family and friends through calls and emails over the years, reported BBC News. He even bought Google ads so when people searched her name, they would be directed to the sites, The Week reported.

The websites contained all manner of “malicious content,” Dean explained in an interview with Claudia-Liza Arma, an anchor for England’s 5News. “They included private and confidential information. Embellished emails — emails from me to him that you presume you’ve got a level of privacy there. There was also a lot of sexual content added, untruths. Photographs. Also, there was a picture of my lipstick blotting and strands of my hair.”

Despite her complaints to police, Curran wasn’t living in the U.K. and couldn’t be arrested until Dean brought legal action against him 12 years into the saga.

The High Court in London awarded Dean undisclosed damages and Curran was ordered to pay her legal costs. He also apologized for the “considerable upset” he caused.

The verdict could have long-term effects on cases of a similar nature involving online harassment. “I hope to give hope to other people because there is help out there,” said Dean.

Meanwhile, Curran is the director of his own consultancy firm. Wonder what his own Google search results look like now?

Read the full story at BBC News.


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