Mr. Misconduct

Andy Dick’s groping of Ivanka Trump on live TV revisited following harassment accusations

Andy Dick. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount)

News that comedian Andy Dick has been charged with misdemeanor sexual battery for allegedly groping a woman’s butt as she passed him in the street has prompted an examination of Dick’s often disturbing behavior in the past — including an incident from 2007 during which he rubbed Ivanka Trump’s legs on live TV. Appearing alongside Ivanka on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dick had commented that Ivanka had “glitter” on her legs, before proceeding to rub the future first daughter’s thighs. While Kimmel and Ivanka both attempted to laugh off his behavior, it wasn’t until Kimmel physically stood up and grabbed Dick’s arm that the comedian ceased his unsolicited touching. As Dick continued to reach for Ivanka, swatting at her ponytail and grabbing her arm, Kimmel eventually called security who helped him physically drag the comedian from the set by his feet.

Speaking to Extra following the incident, Kimmel said that Dick had been “unapologetic” about his behavior. But in October, the 51-year-old’s actions began to catch up with him after he was fired from the film Raising Buchanan for allegedly groping, kissing, licking, and making unwanted sexual propositions to at least four members of the production. At the time, Dick denied claims of groping but acknowledged that he had licked people and made advances toward others, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “My middle name is ‘misconduct’ — they know what they signed up for.”

But Dick, it appears, still didn’t manage to learn his lesson. On June 27, the Los Angeles City’s Attorney’s office filed misdemeanor sexual battery charges against the comedian for allegedly repeatedly grabbing the butt of a woman he saw on the street and making lewd comments towards her.

After the tape of Dick groping Ivanka resurfaced, still more images of the comedian groping people years ago emerged. The Daily Mail obtained photos that appear to show Dick groping Pamela Anderson and Courtney Love.

Watch video of Dick’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance below.

Read the full story at HuffPost.


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