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Changing perceptions

Maternity brand embraces body positivity by featuring untouched photos of real moms

By WITW Staff on June 29, 2018

Maternity brand Storq has announced a plan to replace the images on its website with untouched photos featuring women of all sizes, heights, and stages of pregnancy — including actual “moms with babes, nursing, playing and even some nose picking.” In addition to these changes, the brand announced that it would also begin introducing larger sizes to its collection. While the company had previously used pregnant models — most of whom conformed to a thin archetype with the exception of their baby bumps — the decision to switch up the brand’s imagery was meant to both help their customers better relate to their models and to join in as part of the larger movement of body acceptance and positivity, explained Storq founders Courtney Klein and Grace Kapin to TODAY Style.

“If a shoot like this can help to begin to reframe how people view pregnancy and parenthood, that would be a dream outcome for us. More than anything we’d like to establish that people don’t change when they become mothers and parents, it’s just their needs that change,” said Kapin. “One shoot does not an entire industry change. It’s going to take a lot of work to change up people’s perceptions of women and mothers, but it feels right so we’re gonna keep going.”

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Since we started this company we’ve been dedicated to empowering women and making life easier for parents. Today marks a new chapter for us, and we’re excited to share it with you. . Going forward, all images on our site will be unretouched and we will do our best to show how everything fits on different sizes, heights, stages of pregnancy and postpartum, and body types. All new products that we make will come in sizes 0 through 2X/22 (going up to 3X/26 the Fall). When you visit the site you’ll see moms with babes, nursing, playing, and even some nose picking. In other words, real life stuff. . No doubt, there is more work to be done on this front but we’re on our way. So much love for a dream photo and production team and a truly unparalleled group of mama-models, thank you thank you thank you. Onward and upward! . ???? @nickisebastian @annalord @luciatran @patricialagmay @palomamua @bethymireles @londyndouglas @crystalvrivera @ellenvaladez @harunayokota @angelamoyra @leahpbradley @courtesy.of.jazmyne @alichanel @thebiancasimone @rhisux @roseview_la @nattttcatt @catalina.clark @strollergang @festoon_la ????

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Mother Ellen Valadez, who posed for the new ad campaign alongside her 1-year-old daughter, Ariel, told TODAY that she was surprised when she was asked to model for Storq.

“As a very plus-size woman, I’ve become so used to never really seeing models that look anything like me,” she said. “Even plus-size models tend to be of shapes that are very ‘socially acceptable’ and they rarely have weird lumps and bumps or double chins … I had simply gotten so used to not feeling like my body was represented anywhere. It was just the way things had always been.”

“I had really, really bad anxiety about it and kept asking myself why on earth I had agreed to put myself out there like this,” she continued. “By participating in this campaign I put myself in an incredibly vulnerable position, and I’m so happy that I did.”

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