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Cover photo of plus-size activist for health magazine prompts contentious reactions online

Tess Holiday (Self magazine/Twitter)

Health magazine Self has prompted a social media storm by featuring a body-positivity activist for the publication’s first digital cover. Author and model Tess Holliday posed in a backless pink dress and gave an interview for the magazine’s Weight Issue, which centered around stories and discussions about weight and health. In her feature article, Holiday spoke about her struggles with post-partum depression and the hateful comments she receives from the many on social media who find her weight — and her acceptance of her own body — offensive.

“I just refuse to go down that road, to feel like I need to prove my health and my worth to people that don’t care,” wrote Holiday about dealing with those who would shame her for her weight.

Unsurprisingly, the image of Holiday on the cover of Self drew near-instantaneous condemnation from social media users who wrote that the activists weight “disgusts” them and “should not be celebrated.” These commentators soon found themselves embroiled in debate with others who defended Holiday, applauding her efforts to encourage body positivity and denouncing the notion that only women of a particular weight should be esteemed or looked up to.

Holiday also appeared on Megyn Kelly TODAY to discuss her recent cover shoot, as well as her plans to reclaim the word “fat” and help others to “be who you want to be.”

Watch Holiday’s appearance on Megyn Kelly TODAY below.

Read the full story at The Wrap.


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