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‘Daderina’ seen in viral video calls on fathers to take an active role in daughters’ upbringing


With Father’s Day just about upon us, here’s a story about a really awesome dad who has come to be known by the nickname “Daderina” after a video went viral on social media this week showing him come to the aid of his stage-fright stricken young daughter during a ballet performance. Marc Daniels, who will go down in internet history as the “Daderina,” can be seen in the viral video pirouetting beside the tiny dancer — all while holding a baby in one arm. Daniels, a lawyer in Bermuda, was together with his wife Kim and their infant Suri to watch a dress rehearsal for their daughters Giada, 4, and Bella, 2.

“My husband was holding our youngest daughter, Suri. I was able to tend to the older girls backstage, but it was a long wait. That’s why the tantrum started,” Kim told The Washington Post. “Bella started marching on stage, so I thought she wanted to go for it. But she demanded Daddy. I thought, ‘Wait! Mommy has been here for an hour!’”

So Marc dutifully came to watch and soothe his daughter from the side of the stage with Suri still in tow. But as Bella began to cry, he said, he decided to step in and perform alongside her. Her distress assuaged, Bella stopped crying and began smoothly spinning in time with the choreography. The moment proved to be a hit online, where it has racked up more than 40 million views, as well as a confidence builder for the young dancer — who successfully performed on stage without her dad when the time came for the final performances.

Speaking to journalist Kendra Stanton Lee, the two parents said that it was important to both of them that Marc cultivate a strong bond with his three daughters.

“All children, regardless of their gender, will experience the best from life when they have strong bonds with both of their parents,” Marc explained. “Fathers play an immense role in the development of our daughters. We set the standard upon which they should expect to be treated by all other men — so we must govern ourselves accordingly.”

“Mothers are phenomenal and do so much every day that goes unnoticed, even by their own partners,” he added. “So I do not feel worthy of all of this publicity for something that is just normal to us.” Not only can he do ballet while holding a toddler — he also says all the right things. Below, see him in action.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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