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Connie Jones (CBS News/YouTube)

‘Personal terrorist’

Ex-wife of alleged serial killer says she stayed in safe houses to escape his revenge

By WITW Staff on June 13, 2018

The ex-wife of an Arizona man who police say killed six people — four of whom were connected to the couple’s divorce — says she spent nearly a decade in fear of retaliation after he warned her that “he could wait a long time before he would get his revenge.” Connie Jones spent 20 years married to alleged killer Dwight Lamon Jones, who shot and killed himself in Scottsdale, Arizona, last week after police were about to apprehend him for the killings of six people nearby the Phoenix suburb. During their marriage she said, he struggled to hold onto work, refused to shave or cut his hair, and rejected mental health help. After she filed for divorce in 2009, she said he repeatedly threatened to kill her, their son, and himself — periodically warning her that he would wait as long as it took to “get his revenge.”

“I felt that I had a personal terrorist,” Jones said on Tuesday at a press conference. “I had someone who was specifically targeting me, someone who had time and nothing else to do than to think about how to hurt me.”

“I knew that one day we would be in a situation where he was going to try to kill me,” she added.

To escape Jones’ clutches, she hired a retired Phoenix cop to help teach her methods of avoiding detection from her ex-husband. She used a different driving route to work everyday, never visited the same grocery store twice, and stayed with her son at safe houses, where they kept attack-trained dogs on hand to protect them. Her prevention methods kept her safe — and ultimately helped her find her a new love. She is now married to Rick Anglin, the investigator she hired to train her in safety precautions.

Jones, unfortunately, appears to have taken his revenge on people external to his former wife instead. According to police, he killed famed forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt, who examined him under court order during the divorce proceedings, as well as two employees of the attorney who represented Connie Jones during the divorce. A counselor who shared offices with the therapist for Jones’ child was also allegedly murdered by Jones, as well as a man and a woman who used to play tennis with Jones at local parks.

Watch Connie Jones speak about how she survived her former husband below.

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