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Deb Haaland. (Deb Haaland campaign)

‘Blue wave’

Deb Haaland poised to become 1st Native American Congresswoman after dramatic primary win

By WITW Staff on June 6, 2018

Deb Haaland, a former Democratic state party leader and member of the Pueblo of Laguna, is widely expected to become the first ever Native American Congresswoman after winning a remarkable victory in the primary for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District. Haaland will face off Republican Janice Arnold-Jones in the race to succeed U.S. Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham, who chose to leave her position in the strongly Democratic district in order to run for governor.

Haaland, a vocal Trump critic, has credited her experience as a working mother who subsisted on food stamps before managing to put herself through law school as making her uniquely able to understand and represent the interests of New Mexico’s poor — Native American or otherwise. During a speech on Tuesday, she hailed her win as a “victory for working people, a victory for women and a victory for everyone who has been sidelined by the billionaire class.”

“Donald Trump and the billionaire class should consider this victory a warning shot,” she added. “The blue wave is coming.”

Grisham, for her part, defeated a pair of male opponents in her own primary battle and will face off against Republican Representative Steve Pearce in the race to replace term-limited Republican Susana Martinez — the first and only Hispanic woman to have been elected governor.

Watch video of Haaland’s victory speech below.

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