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Secret entries from Anne Frank’s diary contain ‘dirty’ jokes and musings on sex

Photo shows parts of the Frank- family archive that Buddy Elias, a cousin of Anne Frank, handed over fron the Anne Frank Fund to Hans Westra of the Anne Frank Foundation, 25 June 2007 in the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, exactly 60 years after the first edition of the Anne Frank Diary was published. (KOEN SUYK/AFP/Getty Images)

Researchers have uncovered hidden pages of Anne Frank’s diary in which the then 13-year-old had written down “dirty” jokes and her thoughts on issues such as sex, contraception, and prostitution. Frank had covered up the journal entries by pasting them over with brown masking paper, an apparent preventative measure against the prying eyes of her family as well as the others with whom she was hiding in a secret room behind a house just off a canal in Amsterdam. The entries were revealed after digital technology allowed image-processing software to decipher the words, which had previously been unintelligible due to blurring from writing on the reverse sides of the pages.

In one passage, Frank mused on how a woman’s period is “a sign that she is ripe to have relations with a man but one doesn’t do that of course before one is married.” In another passage centered on prostitution, the young teenager wrote that “all men, if they are normal, go with women, women like that accost them on the street and then they go together.”

“In Paris they have big houses for that,” she added. “Papa has been there.”

The entries also contained some risque humor, or as she put it “dirty” jokes.

“Do you know why the German Wehrmacht girls are in Holland?” she wrote. “As mattresses for the soldiers.”

Frank’s diary, which she wrote while she and her family hid from the Nazis for more than two years during WWII, has become a best-selling and tragic testament to the genocide of the Jews. Of Frank’s family, only her father, Otto, survived the war.

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