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For the 1st time ever, a woman trumpeter will play the fanfare at a British royal wedding

Lance Corporal Kate Sandford (YouTube / Good Morning America)

Lance Corporal Kate Sandford is set to become the first woman trumpeter to play the fanfare at a royal wedding after she was named one of the six State Trumpeters to attend the nuptials of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on May 19th. The State Trumpeters, the famous band of the Household Cavalry, first started allowing women into the group in the mid-1990s.

“It’s very very exciting. I feel very proud. I’ll be very excited on the day but you’ve got to keep your head on your shoulders and play to the best of your ability,” said Sandford, adding that it was a “very big privilege to be able to represent the females” and that she hoped her example could benefit other women in the Army’s bands.

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Lance Corporal Kate Sandford is to become the first woman from the band of the Household Cavalry to play the fanfare at a British Royal wedding, it is believed, as she joins an elite group of six on May 19th. Joined by her husband, Lance Corporal of Horse Julian Sandford, the pair will, it follows, become the first married couple to play the extraordinary moment the bride arrives, unveiling her wedding dress to the world and allowing Prince Harry his first glimpse. The State Trumpeters, who wear the distinctive gold jackets of the Band of the Household Cavalry, regularly play at major state occasions where the Queen is present, as well as at national events and anniversaries. Click the link in our profile to learn more.

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When she first joined the State Trumpeters, she said, many people were “taken aback” by her presence in the group — even going so far as to incredulously remark, “There’s a Lady!” within earshot of her. Nowadays, she said, the presence of women in the ranks has become much more normalized.

“Any young female can do what I do,” she declared during an appearance Thursday on Good Morning America. “You have to be prepared to work for it, but the opportunities are there and you can achieve them — whatever you want to do, whatever your goal.”

Her husband, Lance Corporal Julian Sandford, will also play at the event — making them the first married couple to ever play a royal wedding.

Watch Sanford’s interview with GMA’s Michael Strahan below.

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