Woman hailed as hero after stopping man from robbing a group of mothers and children at gunpoint

Off-duty police officer Katia Sastre seen on surveillance footage apprehending a would-be armed robber. (YouTube / New York Post)

Security cameras at a school in Brazil captured a dramatic scene over the weekend when a gunman rushed toward a group of women and children who were waiting for a Mother’s Day parade to begin. The man, gun in hand, can be seen on the video trying to steal a bag. Then a woman pulls out her own gun and fires.

The quick-acting woman is 42-year-old police corporal Katia Sastre, an officer who was off duty at the time of the incident, according to The Washington Post. She was with her 7-year-old child at the school, located in Suzano, a city near Sao Paulo.

Sastre fired at the gunman three times, hitting him in the chest and leg. In the video footage, the man can be seen aiming his weapon at Sastre. Her husband, Lieutenant Andre Alves, told the Brazilian daily newspaper Folha de S.Paulo that the “first shot ricocheted off something. On his second attempt to fire, his weapon jammed.”

The gunman, 21-year-old Eliventon Neves Moreira dropped his weapon, which Sastre then kicked away. Once police arrived, Moreira was taken to a hospital, where he died of his injuries.

Metro U.K. reports that Márcio França, the governor of Sao Paulo, told reporters that while it is “not ideal that the suspect died … it is a warning to those who take up a gun that they could be killed because our security professionals are well trained to protect the public.”

França also posted an image with Sastre on his Twitter account, writing that he met with the police officer “to pay homage to a very special mother … Her courage and accuracy saved mothers and children yesterday at the door of a school,” according to the Post.

Below, watch video of the entire incident. Warning: The footage is graphic.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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