Georgina Chapman hid from public for 5 months over estranged husband Harvey Weinstein’s behavior

Fashion designer Georgina Chapman. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company)

Georgina Chapman, the co-founder of fashion label Marchesa, hasn’t been out in public since the allegations against her estranged husband, disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, came out in October. Speaking with Jonathan van Meter in an article for Vogue, Chapman explained that she was left “humiliated and so broken” by her husband’s actions, and that even now she’s struggling to reconcile the man she thought she knew with the man accused of sexually abusing dozens of women.

“I didn’t think it was respectful to go out,” said Chapman of her five-month leave of absence from the public eye. “I thought, Who am I to be parading around with all of this going on? It’s still so very, very raw. I was walking up the stairs the other day and I stopped; it was like all the air had been punched out of my lungs.”

“There was a part of me that was terribly naive — clearly, so naive,” she continued. “I have moments of rage, I have moments of confusion, I have moments of disbelief! And I have moments when I just cry for my children. What are their lives going to be?” she added, breaking into tears. “What are people going to say to them? It’s like, they love their dad. They love him.”

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman pictured less than two months before a torrent of sexual misconduct allegations against Weinstein were leveled. (Dolly Faibyshev/The New York Times)

One of the hardest parts of Chapman’s ordeal, noted her friend Karen Elson, a model and singer, is that people always assume that “she must have known” about Weinstein’s behavior. And even if they believe Chapman didn’t know, Elson said, it becomes another judgement: “How could she not have known?”

Her ignorance of her husband’s true nature, Chapman explained, made it all the more painful when the illusion of her perfect life was shattered in front of her with all the world watching.

“That’s what makes this so incredibly painful,” she said. “I had what I thought was a very happy marriage. I loved my life.”

Speaking with van Meter, Chapman discussed how she was moving on with her life, and friends of Chapman’s, such as longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and writer Neil Gaiman, shared their own thoughts on Weinstein, and how the fallout of his scandals had impacted their longtime friend.

Read the full story at Vogue.


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