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Rose McGowan says life has changed for the better since she came forward Weinstein accusations

Rose McGowan (Ming Yeung/Getty Images)

Rose McGowan has opened up about how life has changed for her since she named Harvey Weinstein as her rapist six months ago, revealing that while she’s now probably happier than she’s “been in a long time,” her prominent role in the #MeToo movement means she’s almost constantly being made to relive her own trauma. Speaking with reporter Chris Gardner in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, McGowan said that since coming forward, women had begun seeking her out to share their own stories of sexual assault.

“A lot of the time, I’m the first person they are telling, and it can be hard being a receptacle for that,” said McGowan. But she never stops them, she says, because she knows that to listen is “to honor their journey and their pain.”

McGowan also spoke about her trip to Virginia courthouse on May 3, where a judge ruled that enough probable cause existed to pursue drug possession charges against the actress over cocaine that was allegedly found in her wallet at Dulles International Airport in January. McGowan has alleged that the drugs were planted — a theory perhaps bolstered by the fact that sources inside the Weinstein company had connected the movie mogul with the spread of stories about the warrant for McGowan’s arrest.

“I’m the only one who’s had handcuffs on me so far,” said McGowan, noting that Weinstein appears likely to escape prison despite his alleged serial abuse of women. “That’s not right.”

“I hope I’m wrong when I say that I don’t think he will go to prison,” she added. “People do have to gather evidence, and that takes time. But if two women pointed somebody out that stole our purses, he’d be arrested. So how many women does it take to say he stole us? He stole our careers, stole our lives, stole our reputations. He stole how my family treats me, how men treat me, he stole all that.”

McGowan also discussed having met former President Barack Obama recently and why she was disappointed by the encounter. McGowan said she and Obama were speaking at the same leadership conference in India last December, but said Obama never brought up anything about the Weinstein accusations and pretty much tried to avoid talking with her.

“I was sitting right in front of him, and he would not meet my eyes, and then at the last minute, he asked for Naomi Campbell to be put in a photo with us,” McGowan told The Hollywood Reporter. “All he said was: ‘You ladies sure know how to pose.’ I wanted him to be better,” she said, adding that she was hoping for words of acknowledgement or encouragement, like “I’m sorry” or “Keep going, Rose.” The lack of acknowledgement hurt all the more, she noted, given that Obama’s daughter Malia had interned at the Weinstein Company.

McGowan also spoke about her new mystery partner, the dramatic series of events that led to her canceling her book tour and leaving the “Hollywood bubble” behind as she focuses on activism full time.

Read the full story at The Hollywood Reporter.


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