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Rachel Crooks, woman who accused Trump, advances in race for seat in Ohio state legislature

Rachel Crooks. (Twitter)

Numerous elections and primary votes were held on Tuesday around the nation, and in one Ohio district, a high-profile candidate advanced to the November midterm election without any opposition. Rachel Crooks, 35, will now face incumbent Republican state Representative Bill Reineke in the November election to decide who will represent Ohio’s 88th district in the next state legislature after she ran unopposed and secured the Democratic nomination for the seat.

Crooks, a university administrator from Tiffin, Ohio, is one of the many woman who have accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. She said that in 2006, when she was 22 years old and working as a receptionist for a company that had offices in Trump Tower, Trump forcibly kissed in her the lobby of the building, near a bank of elevators. She initially came forward with her story in the waning days of the 2016 presidential race, and then discussed them publicly in greater detail earlier this year.

“You need to stop this,” Crooks has said she told Trump during the 2006 incident, as he repeatedly kissed her on the cheek and then the mouth without her consent. She said she was shaken by the encounter. “I was devastated. It happened so fast.”

Trump has denied the accusations and dismissed her story as “fake news.” In a pair of tweets, he said the alleged incident “Never happened! Who would do this in a public space with live security cameras running.”

Through her official campaign account, Crooks responded to Trump on Twitter, challenging him to produce the security camera footage from the morning of the day in question.

Crooks is part of a record wave of women seeking political office during the 2018 midterm elections — a response to Trump’s election to the presidency.

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