New movie written and directed by a woman billed as 1st horror film ‘of the Time’s Up era’

Matilda Lutz as Jen in the film 'Revenge.' (YouTube)

In wake of the #MeToo movement, some movie critics might have expected the niche rape-revenge thriller genre of movies — which historically has comprised films written and directed almost exclusively by men — to be allowed to quietly disappear forever. But Revenge, the debut feature film from Parisian filmmaker and writer Coralie Fargeat, which tells the story of a woman exacting a violent and grisly revenge on two men who raped her, is nonetheless being billed as the first horror film “of the Time’s Up era.”

Revenge stars Italian actress and model Matilda Lutz as Jen, a young woman who goes on vacation at a remote villa with her married boyfriend only to be targeted by two of his friends who arrive at the house unexpectedly. After enduring rape, the previously sweet and loving Jen transforms into a ruthless killer, who delivers retribution to her attackers in brutal and graphic detail.

Speaking with The Los Angeles Times, Fargeat said that the film was not specifically modeled after the behavior of Harvey Weinstein because he and other abusers of women exposed by the #MeToo movement are just “the tip of the iceberg.”

“A major change of society is needed and that’s not going to happen in three or four or five months, because it’s the whole root of society that needs to be changed,” she explained.

And playing the role of both victim and avenger had helped Lutz overcome her own fears about men who make sexual comments about her in real life, the model and lead actress added.

“If a man was looking at me I would either put my head down or change sides because I was scared of what might happen to me,” she said. “And now, I don’t do that anymore.”

Revenge opens in U.S. theaters on May 11 and has elicited some incredibly strong reactions, particularly one at a film festival screening. Watch the trailer for the film below.

Read the full story at Yahoo News.


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