Czech beermaker condemns #MeToo movement, calls campaign ‘a symptom of a sick society’

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An ad for a high-profile brewery in the Czech Republic that mocked the #MeToo movement has prompted a bitter discussion of the phenomenon in the former Communist state — with the brewery’s owner openly condemning #MeToo as a “pathological campaign” bordering on hysteria.

A Facebook post by the Bernard Brewery showed an image of a nearly toothless old woman — a still taken from a 1964 soviet film — alongside the #MeToo hashtag. Text written in Czech on the post declares: “The world’s gone crazy. Brace yourselves.” The post has since prompted nearly 10,000 reactions as social media users chimed in — with some denouncing the image, and many others praising it.

A screen shot from the Facebook page of Bernard Brewery that mocked the #MeToo movement.

Stanislav Bernard, the owner of the brewery, has been a vocal critic of the #MeToo movement. In an interview with The New York Times, Bernard suggested that the Twitter campaign was similar to the country’s Communist era in that “‘innocent until proven guilty’ is ignored.”

“If we continue like this,” said Bernard, “We may find ourselves in a situation where a guy will be scared to ask a girl out for a coffee and tell her that she looks beautiful.”

“With the way this campaign is being led we are on our way to destroying any grain of spontaneity between men and women,” he added. “It is a symptom of a sick society.”

According to the Eurobarometer survey, the Czech Republic has Europe’s second-widest pay gap, and more than than three-quarters of Czechs believe that a woman’s most important role is to care for the home and her family.

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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