Out of control

‘5 times a day just wasn’t enough’ for woman whose life was taken over by ‘sex addiction’

Rebecca Barker. (YouTube / BBC News)

A British woman has opened up about how her inability to handle her addiction to sex destroyed her relationship, and discussed the difficulties of seeking treatment for a condition that society simultaneously shames and declines to acknowledge. Rebecca Barker, 37, spoke to the BBC about how her compulsive need for sex baffled and eventually drove away her partner. Her condition, she said, escalated after she was diagnosed with depression following the birth of her third child.

“The addiction got so bad that even if I was having sex five times a day, it just wasn’t enough for me,” said Barker. “I felt like everything reminded me of it. I think it was linked to my depression and the lack of serotonin. I felt like my whole body was craving it. It was giving me the instant hit and five minutes later I wanted it again.”

“I became a hermit, I stayed at home because I felt ashamed that it was all I could think about,” she recalled. “Even though no one could read my mind, it still felt very uncomfortable for me to be around other people.”

Her partner, she said, had initially appreciated her increased appetite, but her constant demands for sex became overbearing, and led him to accuse her of cheating and initiating sex with him in order to assuage her guilt. Their relationship soon crumbled, and it wasn’t until after she made significant lifestyle changes “in order to get over the depression and the addiction” that she was finally able to feel in control.

Watch BBC News’ interview with Barker below.

Read the full story at BBC News.


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