‘Femme fatale’

How Amanda Knox is tackling ‘society’s impulse to vilify women and female sexuality’

Amanda Knox in 'The Scarlett Letter Reports.' (Facebook)

Amanda Knox spent four years in an Italian prison after she was convicted of murdering her roommate while on a study-abroad program before she was freed after the verdict was overturned in 2015. In the time since her release, she has emerged as a writer and activist and is now speaking out about how the public’s obsession with the idea of the “femme fatale” led to disastrous consequences for her and other women.

In a new docuseries called The Scarlet Letter Reports, Knox, who was accused of an elaborate murder conspiracy in which she allegedly convinced a local Italian man to rape her roommate so she could murder her without consequence, spoke with figures such as actress Mischa Barton, model Amber Rose, and feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian about the impact that public shaming has had on their lives. In an appearance on Good Morning America, Knox, who was once branded by some outlets as “Foxy Knoxy,” said that she hoped the docuseries could shine a light on “society’s impulse to vilify women and female sexuality.”

“I’ve seen that same vilification process happens towards other women,” said Knox, 30. “That’s what this show is all about, is bringing back compassion and context to journalism without somehow losing objectivity or the integrity of journalism.”

“It’s almost like living a double life where I’m in a limbo space where Amanda Knox, a real person exists, ‘Foxy Knoxy,’ an idea of a person exists … As soon as you’ve been labeled something, as soon as you’ve been given that catchy, salacious nickname, the real you is gone and you are absorbed into this template character,” she added, noting that she still constantly has to interact with people who only see her as the media portrayed her.

Watch the first episode of The Scarlet Letter Reports below.

Read the full story at VICE and ABC News.


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