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Charlie Rose ‘picked me out of a crowd of employees,’ former CBS colleague says as new accusations surface

Charlie Rose. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The legendary news broadcaster Charlie Rose was fired by CBS and PBS last November after a Washington Post report exposed numerous claims of sexual harassment against him by women in both networks’ workplaces. On Thursday, the Post followed up on its initial story with a report that 27 additional women have come forward saying they’ve been sexually harassed by Rose over the years. The story by Amy Brittain and Irin Carmon goes on to report that Rose’s inappropriate behavior had been flagged to CBS management several times over the years, going all the way back to 1986 — and as recently as 2017.

Annmarie Parr told the Post Rose used to pepper her with “lewd” observations and questions back in the 1980s when she worked as a news clerk at CBS and he was filling in on the network’s morning show. “Annmarie, do you like sex?” she recalled him having asked. “Do you enjoy it? How often do you like to have sex?’” She was 22 at the time and said she tried to defuse the situation by laughing it off in the moment, and then later reported his remarks to a senior producer on the show, who told her she would no longer have to be alone with Rose.

Officials for CBS denied ever having any reports of Rose’s misconduct lodged with its human resources department. But groping, sexual advances and Rose exposing his penis continued on after he left the network in the early 1990s to join PBS, and did so when he returned near the end of the decade.

The most recent accusations were made by Brooks Harris, who was 24 and working the night shift at CBS News. According to the report, Harris was reassigned to CBS This Morning, the show Rose formerly co-anchored. Rose reportedly noticed Harris and began taking an interest in her. “I was nobody, and he picked me out of a crowd of employees,” Harris recalled. He began taking her to lunch at swanky Manhattan restaurants. The lunch outings became so frequent that at least one woman in the office reported her concerns to a senior CBS staffer.

Eventually, Rose, who was then 75, offered Harris a job on his PBS show, which she accepted, despite her mother’s concerns. She said that after beginning work there, Rose’s behavior suddenly took on a sexually-suggestive tone. Last summer, after a social gathering of employees from Rose’s PBS show, the broadcaster convinced Harris to leave alone with him. After leaving the party, he took her out for more drinks at a high-end restaurant, and then took her back to his apartment, where he demanded they watch video highlights of him interviewing former U.S. presidents. When Harris said the situation became too uncomfortable to bear, she made up an excuse and abruptly left.

In November, after the initial accusations were made public, Rose immediately struck a contrite tone, saying, “It is essential that these women know I hear them and that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior,” he said in a statement. However, this time around, he’s taking no such tack. “Your story is unfair and inaccurate,” was the terse six-word email he sent to Brittain and Carmon.

For more on the story, watch the report from Rose’s old colleagues at CBS This Morning. “I don’t know what more we can do with Charlie Rose besides a public flogging,” his former colleague Gayle King said, adding that she still considers Rose a friend and doesn’t believe in abandoning friends when they’re down. She vowed the morning show would continue to cover the story — no matter how uncomfortable it makes them. “We’re not running away from it,” King said.

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