‘True millennial form’

You will not believe what this 22-year-old woman learned to do by watching videos on YouTube

Tia Freeman (left) holds her newborn baby Xavier. (Twitter)

A 22-year-old woman delivered her own baby in an airport hotel room after she went into labor while on a layover in Istanbul. Tia Freeman, a Tennessee native, had planned to visit her friend Jakob Johnson in Germany despite being in her third trimester, but she found herself having to improvise after she began cramping about an hour before she arrived in Turkey, where she had intended to stay on a 17-hour layover.

“I start gassing myself up bc I am NOT having a baby in this airport,” recalled Freeman in a Twitter post. “I start talking to myself like Bitch what you’re not gonna do is give birth on the airport floor. So you need to get it together & make it to your hotel.”

Shortly after reaching the hotel, Freeman, an active member of the U.S. Air Force, said she realized she had gone into labor.

“So in true millennial form I decided to YouTube [how to deliver a child],” wrote Freeman. “If no one else had my back the internet would! So here my ass is in my hotel room all by my lonesome learning how to deliver my own baby.”

After filling a bathtub with warm water and trying out a variety of childbirth positions, the self-reliant airwoman managed to give birth to a baby boy, whom she has since named Xavier. She then cut the umbilical cord with her own knife after boiling water and sterilizing her shoelaces to use as a clamp, before disposing of the cord and placenta in a sanitary bag.

In retrospect, she noted, it was perhaps to avoid situations like this that expectant mothers are typically barred from flying after the 36th week of pregnancy. But in the end, she said, she didn’t consider it such a big deal to have given birth by herself — not to mention teaching herself how to do it even as she was having her baby.

“I still really don’t understand what’s so shocking about my delivery story,” she tweeted. “Lol maybe it’ll set in one day.”

Below, watch Freeman discuss the remarkable feat.

Read the full story at Yahoo News.


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