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Photos of Melania Trump smiling alongside the Obamas set internet on fire

First lady Melania Trump speaking with former President Barack Obama on Saturday at the funeral for former first lady Barbara Bush. (YouTube)

Melania Trump appeared in Houston at the funeral for former first lady Barbara Bush over the weekend. She traveled to the memorial service without President Donald Trump, who stayed behind at his resort in Mar-a-Lago and spent the weekend firing off angry tweets. Photos that emerged from the occasion depicted a Melania Trump at ease alongside the folks who occupied the White House before she and her husband did.

Was she relieved to be far away, physically and mentally, from the never-ending tweetstorm that is her husband? That’s certainly what many social media users took away from the images that emerged from inside St. Martin’s Episcopal Church.

Exhibit A was a screen shot of a moment caught by TV news cameras showing Melania Trump seated alongside the Obamas in the church’s front row. The former president is seen leaning toward Melania and saying something that elicited a laugh and a smile from the first lady. Video of the brief exchange can be seen here.

Many on Twitter pointed out how, despite all of the cruel attacks that have come from Donald Trump dating back to long before he even ran for president, Obama was able to be gracious and kind toward Melania. Others noted that they hadn’t seen Melania smile like that while next to her husband in a long time — if ever. Some contrasted the photo of Melania smiling alongside Obama with photos showing dreadful looks on her face at times she was photographed while next to her husband.

Exhibit B was a group photo shot by Paul Morse, the official photographer of George H.W. Bush’s office, that brought together four U.S. presidents and their wives. Melania is seen in that image standing shoulder to shoulder with former first lady Michelle Obama, an easy warm grin on her face. Aside from the fact that the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and Melania were all able to leave politics aside for the historic photo op, many saw a Melania Trump who was relaxed and at ease — a contrast to how she’s often perceived when she’s photographed in Washington.

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