‘The good Nixon’

Cynthia Nixon hammers away at New York governor during appearance on ‘Late Show’

Cynthia Nixon, a candidate in New York's Democratic primary for governor, talks about the state's education system during a speech at the Hilton in Albany, N.Y., March 26, 2018. (Nathaniel Brooks/The New York Times)

Former Sex and the City star and current New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon fired shots at incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo during an appearance on Wednesday’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Speaking to Colbert, Nixon said that as “a lifelong New Yorker” she felt her state could “do so much better” than Cuomo.

“We’re a blue state. We’re a proudly Democratic state. But we’ve got a governor in there who governs like a Republican,” Nixon declared.

At the behest of the late night comedian, the longtime LGBT activist also addressed the uncomfortable optics of running for politics in New York as a Nixon.

“My mother used to say, she grew up during World War II with a father named Adolf and she lived through the 1970s with a husband named Nixon,” she recalled. “So I am aware of the dubious nature of my last name. But I have to say if given a choice, I would rather be the good Nixon than the bad Cuomo.”

In recent weeks, Cuomo has garnered criticism for dismissively referring to the longtime LGBT activist’s candidacy as “silly” — and by insensitively, and inaccurately, referring to himself as an “undocumented” immigrant. Nixon has also attacked the governor for “mansplaining” sexual harassment by telling a woman reporter that she was “doing a disservice to women” by asking him about the alleged sexual harassment perpetrated by one of his top aides — and by failing to include any women in closed-door talks about new sexual harassment proposals in the state budget. Nixon is nonetheless facing an uphill battle, as Cuomo has both the backing of the Democratic establishment and a 31-percentage-point lead over Nixon in the polls.

Below, watch Nixon’s complete appearance on the Late Show.

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