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Tina Brown’s ‘brain sex’ comment causes Hillary Clinton to lose it onstage at #WITW

Hillary Clinton tried her hand at hosting on Friday — and it gave Tina Brown an idea for a new TV show

Women in the World founder Tina Brown sent former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into a fit of laughter on Friday at the end of day two of the #WITW Summit. Clinton had just wrapped up her first moderating gig at a Women in the World event — she’s appeared eight times in previous years, but has always been on the other side of interviews.

Her performance in her rookie outing as a #WITW panel moderator made quite an impression on Brown, who joined Clinton onstage at the end and told her, “I was thinking how rare it is to actually allow brilliant women to have a conversation, develop ideas — in fact, to finish a sentence. “It is so rare to hear this, in fact,” Brown told the audience, “I was thinking, this is bliss. This is brain sex!” The remark drew an eruption of laughter from the crowd and Clinton was clearly amused. Brown then turned to Clinton and said, “This is your new TV show: Brain Sex with Hillary Clinton,” sending her into a fit of laughter.

Clinton had just delivered a final salvo in a panel that addressed the rise of strongmen around the world. “When you are confronting the potential loss of the values you care about, your freedom, your equality, where you know that it’s going to be challenging perhaps,” Clinton said, “Do not be quiet. Do not stop talking. Do not stop voting. Do not give in to those whose views are opposite of what you believe.” She added, “I look forward to talking again with these women and others about what we’re going to do to make sure that strongmen don’t send us back. We’re not going!”

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