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Reporter who exposed mayor’s crack habit questions why film about her story features a man instead

Robyn Doolittle (Photo by Peter Kramer/NBC/Getty Images)

Robyn Doolittle, the reporter who in 2013 famously uncovered video of then-Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine, has publicly questioned why an upcoming movie about the scandal stars a male reporter leading the investigation. Ford died the following year following a bout with cancer. Ricky Tollman, the director of upcoming movie, Run This Town, has insisted that the movie is not based on Doolittle’s own story of the investigation, which she immortalized in her own book, Crazy Town. Doolittle, however, has remained unconvinced — and took to Twitter to register her disappointment.

“I’m glad they’re rewriting the fact that it was a female reporter who investigated Rob Ford,” Doolittle tweeted sarcastically after headlines emerged about the film. “Why have a woman be a lead character when a man could do it?”

She was also quick to point out that given the overload of Hollywood stories featuring daring male reporters, it was a bit obtuse to ignore the significance of the fact that it was actually a woman reporter who actually brought down Ford.

Ben Platt, the actor playing the young male journalist in Run This Town, has also issued a statement saying that the film is meant to be “historical fiction” and not a “retelling of the successful reporting on the Rob Ford Scandal by Robyn Doolittle.” He added that the film was not meant to diminish Doolittle’s accomplishments, or to “attribute the accomplishments of a remarkable woman to a fictional man.”

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford leaves his office at city hall in Toronto on June 30, 2014 amid a crush of cameras. AFP PHOTO/GEOFF ROBINS

Social media critics, however, have suggested that the film will gloss over an important aspect of the Rob Ford scandal — namely the gender-based threats and sexism faced by Doolittle as she fought the political establishment to take down a known misogynist.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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