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Priyanka Singha Roy. (Twitter)

Take that!

Teenager reportedly uses martial arts to fight off assailants who were trying to sexually assault her

By WITW Staff on April 2, 2018

An 18-year-old woman reportedly subdued three men who tried to sexually assault her in an alleyway in Bengal. According to The Hindustan Times, the teenager, who has been identified in some reports as Priyanka Singha Roy,started learning martial arts just 10 months ago.

The incident reportedly took place while Roy was traveling down an alley on her way to a shop in West Bengal’s Birbhum district. Three men began shouting “lewd remarks,” according to The Hindustan Times, and then attempted to block her path. One of the harassers grabbed the girl’s hand. When residents were drawn by a commotion to the scene of the attempted assault, they found that the assailants had been trounced.

“[W]e rushed to the area and found that the girl had put the three youths on the ground,” one local told the Hindustan Times. “She told us that she punished them for misbehaving with her.”

The girl’s mother reported the incident to police, who later apprehended three alleged perpetrators.

“My daughter is a keen student of martial arts,” Roy’s mother said, according to The Hindustan Times. “The youths were not aware of her skills. My daughter initially asked them to restrain themselves, but they paid no heed and continued with their lewd behavior.

“Then she beat them up.”

Read more at The Hindustan Times.


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