‘Please help me’

Woman claiming to be ‘princess’ goes missing after posting ominous video on YouTube

Sheikah Latifa Mohammed Al Maktoum

A chilling YouTube video of a woman claiming to be the daughter of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed has been released by her U.S.-based lawyer after the purported princess reportedly went missing off the coast of Goa, India. In the video, Sheikah Latifa Mohammed Al Maktoum, 33, said that she was one of the Dubai ruler’s 30 children and that she fled the country after being imprisoned and drugged for trying to help her older sister flee in 2001. Her sister, she said, was brought back to Dubai against her will and is now kept medicated and isolated from the outside world in order to prevent another escape attempt. For her own part in the escape scheme, Latifa said, she was jailed for three years and four months.

Latifa was last heard from while in hiding off the coast of southern India on a yacht with American Herve Jaubert. Radha Stirling, who got in touch with Latifa through her organization Detained in Dubai, said that in her last WhatsApp messages she wrote, “Radha, please help me, there are men outside,” before telling her that she had heard gunshots. In the video, the princess acknowledged the possibility that there could be violent repercussions for her escape attempt, saying that by the time people saw the video she could be “dead or in a really bad situation.”

The U.K. Metropolitan Police have said that information about Latifa and Jaubert had been forwarded to the National Crime Agency and Interpol for investigation. The Dubai government has yet to respond to the purported princess’ claims.

Watch the full unedited video of her plea for help below.

Read the full story at The New York Post and The Daily Mail.


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