Woman finds calling as a ‘truck doctor’ after seeking work to support her family

Shanti Devi. (WION/Twitter)

In New Delhi, India, “truck doctor” Shanti Devi is working from dawn till dusk to ensure that the trucks in her area run smoothly. Speaking to World is One News, Devi explained that she and her husband had endured many hard years before she found her calling as a mechanic — a job that helps support her family, and in which she takes personal pride.

“My husband used to sell tea in this area,” Devi told WION. “I’ve seen so many hardships in life, but I feel it was important to go through those times. They only urged us to move forward in life … That is when I realized that it takes two hands to clap and took a call to join him. He got his wife’s support and we both moved forward, together!”

When Devi found work at a nearby truck repair shop, she learned quickly on the job and soon had more repairs to do than she could keep up with. Now she works all day alongside her fellow mechanics, whom she says have learned to treat her like family.

“Some call me aunt, others call me sister, there are different ways in which people address me here,” she said, smiling. “We are all a family here. I go to my house only to sleep. As soon as the sun rises, I’m here to work.”

The job itself, Devi added, is extremely fulfilling. As a true truck “doctor,” she’s able to save truckers the high cost of replacing tires and other repairs.

“The tire is a valuable asset for each truck owner. When they come to me with punctured or damaged tires, I repair them and their morale gets boosted,” she explained. “A single cut in the tire makes them feel that the tire is finished and that they will have to buy a new one. So the way humans have doctors, I am a doctor for trucks.”

Watch video of Devi at work below.


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