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Tennessee woman sues highway patrolman who allegedly groped and stalked her


A Tennessee woman is suing a state highway patrol officer who allegedly puts his hands inside her pants and fondled her during what she says was an unnecessary search. Hours later, the police officer waited outside of her house so he could pull her over her again, according to KnoxNews.com. In video taken of the first time the woman, Patricia Aileen Wilson, was stopped by officer Isaiah Lloyd, the patrolman can be seen ordering her out of her pickup truck over an alleged seatbelt violation and searching her against the hood of his car. According to Wilson, the officer put his hands inside her waistband during the search and touched her buttocks and genital area.

Later, Lloyd stopped Wilson a second time near her home — this time allegedly over the tint of her truck windows. According to the lawsuit, he told her, “We have to stop meeting like this.”

James A.H. Bell, who represented Lloyd during a review by judicial district attorney Jared Effler, claimed that Lloyd had searched her because she had admitted to using Ambien as a sleep aid every other night — in spite of the fact that Wilson wasn’t asked whether she used prescription drugs until after she was searched. While Lloyd’s first interaction with Wilson was recorded by microphone, Lloyd told Effler that his microphone had abruptly died just before their second encounter. In a statement, Col. Tracy Trott of the Tennessee Highway Patrol said that Lloyd “conducted this traffic stop in a professional manner in an effort to protect the motoring public,” but made no mention of the second time Lloyd stopped Wilson. However the local district attorney, after reviewing video of the incidents, said that Lloyd’s conduct during the stops was “inconsistent with his training and Tennessee Department of Safety general orders.” Below, watch dashcam video of both stops.

Read the full story at KnoxNews.com and Fox News.


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