Alpha woman

Christine Lagarde talked about the power of love in her life

The managing director of the IMF appeared at the Women in the World D.C. Salon on Wednesday

On Wednesday night, the formidable IMF managing director Christine Lagarde joined me in conversation at the Women in the World Washington D.C. Salon at the United States Institute of Peace. We talked about tariffs, #MeToo and the IMF’s startling data that sexual harassment has direct impact on economic productivity. But it was her comments at the end that all of us remembered most — not about tariffs or Trump, but about love. Here it is in full and you can watch it in the clips above:

“I think we’re short of love. For me it has been what has fueled my confidence and my energy. And what’s more needed than confidence and energy? For us individually, for governments, for countries, and for me it has been fueled by love. The love that I receive from parents, from brothers, from companions, husbands, children, you name it … And it’s not in exactly the same sense but when I work with my staff, with my team I know that I’m receiving love and I hope to give it too and it’s a completely reciprocated process where you encourage, you give confidence to others, you entrust them, you communicate your energy and it helps them move forward and better develop themselves and it helps them accomplish what they can accomplish. So I think love is this burning energy that helps all of us go forward.”

Lagarde is truly the definition of an alpha woman — her rigorous brain and transcendent poise is underpinned by a glorious beating heart. There is no better role model for International Women’s Day.


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