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SuperShe Island founder Kristina Roth. (SuperShe Island)


Entrepreneur launches idyllic women-only resort on ‘SuperShe Island’

By WITW Staff on March 6, 2018

“Have you ever wanted to run away to a deserted island, breathe fresh air, swim naked in the sea, and sleep under the stars?” This is the question that immediately greets visitors to the “SuperShe Island” website. And if the constant barrage of news of men behaving horribly is starting to get you down, a jaunt to a private, women-only retreat on a Finnish island might be just what you need.

As CNN travel reports, entrepreneur Kristina Roth has created SuperShe Island, a “private island hidden-away in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland,” according to the retreat’s website. Up to 10 women at a time will be able to vacation in the resort’s luxurious cabins. Wellness and bonding activities — among them yoga, meditation, farm-to-table dining, cooking classes, fitness classes and nature activities — will also be provided.

Roth is the founder of SuperShe, a lifestyle blog and networking group for women. She bought the island after her Finnish boyfriend introduced her to the beauty of the country’s coasts. (If you’re wondering, private islands in Baltic, according to a real estate listing site Vladi Private Islands, and elsewhere in the area are more affordable than you might think.)

An aerial photo showing Super She Island. (SuperShe Island).

The island is set to open to the public in July of this year. Visitors to the resort will have to apply for “exclusive membership” to SuperShe, and Roth plans to carefully vet and select all applicants. She told CNN that she is looking for women with an “upbeat, cool personality.” Having cash to burn is also an asset; the cost of the retreat has not yet been announced, but according to CNN, it is “likely to be pricey.”

Some social media users have criticized the venture as elitist — “It is a space created by a rich, white woman for other women like [Roth],” one critic, Ruth Pearson, opined in an interview with CNN — but Roth has pushed back against that assessment. A former consultancy business CEO, she says she understands the stress of working in a male-dominated world and wants to create a “a zone without sexual tension.”

For more on what life on SuperShe Island will look like, watch the video below.


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