New details emerge on unexpected death of beloved Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor

Indian Bollywood film actress Sridevi Kapoor. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

The husband of Bollywood icon Sridevi Kapoor, who died unexpectedly late last month at the age of 54, has shared the heartbreaking details of the actress’ last hours. She was laid to rest last week after drowning in a hotel bathtub in Dubai. A funeral procession carried Kapoor’s body through the streets of Mumbai where thousands of fans and mourners turned out to say their final goodbyes to the Bollywood legend.

Producer Boney Kapoor opened up to his friend, the film critic Komal Nahta, about finding his wife’s body in a hotel bathtub, as Metro U.K. reports. Writing on his blog, Nahta says that Boney and Sridevi had been in Dubai together to attend a wedding, and Sridevi decided to stay on alone so she could shop for the couple’s eldest daughter. After wrapping up a meeting in India, Boney decided to fly back to Dubai to surprise his wife. “The two hugged like teenage lovers once Boney opened the door with his duplicate key,” Nahta writes.

Indian fans watch as the funeral cortege of the late Bollywood actress Sridevi Kapoor passes through Mumbai on February 28, 2018.
Thousands of heartbroken fans lined the streets of Mumbai February 28 as India said farewell to Bollywood legend Sridevi Kapoor following her shock death from accidental drowning in a Dubai hotel bathtub aged just 54. (PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty Images)

Boney suggested they go for a “romantic dinner,” and Sridevi went to take a bath before the meal. After 15 or 20 minutes, Boney began calling out for his wife, worried that they would get caught up in the dinner rush if they didn’t hurry. But Sridevi did not reply.

“He panicked and opened the door which had not been bolted from inside, nervous but yet not at all prepared for what he was going to see,” Nahta says.

“The tub was full of water and Sridevi was immersed completely, from head to toe, inside the tub. Devastated, he reached out to her but watching her motionless, he feared the worst.”

In the wake of Sridevi’s death, which sent shockwaves through India and prompted many mourners to flock to the actress’ home in Mumbai, it was reported that Sridevi had drowned in the bathtub after losing consciousness. Nahta’s blog post does not shed much light on the cause of Sridevi’s death, but he notes that Boney said there “wasn’t a drop of water on the floor outside the tub area,” which he took to mean that she had not struggled.

Read the full story at Metro.


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