Teen recovering from Florida school shooting left bewildered by phone call from Trump

Samantha Fuentes (YouTube)

A teenage girl who was shot in both legs during the Florida high school mass-shooting received a phone call from President Trump while she was recovering in the hospital. Speaking with The New York Times, Samantha Fuentes, 18, said that she was left feeling more upset than comforted by a conversation that she described as patently insincere and uncomfortable.

“He said he heard that I was a big fan of his, and then he said, ‘I’m a big fan of yours too.’ I’m pretty sure he made that up,” Fuentes, who was discharged from the hospital with a piece of shrapnel from the shooting still buried behind her right eye, recalled. “Talking to the president, I’ve never been so unimpressed by a person in my life. He didn’t make me feel better in the slightest.”

She added that she was left unsure of how to respond as the president referred to the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, as “a sick puppy” and repeated the words “‘oh boy, oh boy, oh boy,’ like, seven times.”

Trump also faced criticism after a televised roundtable meeting with survivors and parents of the Parkland school massacre at the White House on Wednesday. Samuel Zeif, 18, said he felt stung after he saw the president holding cue cards — one of which visibly had the words, “I hear you,” written on it.

“Everything I said was directly from the heart, and he had to write down, ‘I hear you,'” Zief marveled.

Watch video of Fuentes below.

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.


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