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Macabre fashion show features models holding life-like replicas of their own severed heads


Gucci raised eyebrows and maybe turned some stomachs during an extreme fashion show this week when creative director Alessandro Michele sent models strutting down the runway holding replicas of their own heads. The bizarre and morbid spectacle, which was titled “Cyborg” and was meant to promote Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection, took place in a bizarre mint-green replica of a surgical room. Models carrying their own decapitated heads, and, at one point, a baby dragon, walked around surgical tables to the tune of Gregorian choir music punctuated by dialing phones and ticking clocks.

Writing for Jezebel, Hazel Cills said that the actual fashion on display revealed a decidedly Russian influence, as models sported floral babushka scarves and neon-knit balaclavas “fit for a nerdy, eccentric granny.” Other items in the show included leather baseball caps and preppy suit jackets imbued with logos for brands such as the Yankees and Paramount Pictures. Vogue has the backstory on the months of work that went into creating the macabre visuals, though no one seems to know the actual reason (besides shock value) this spectacle was created. Nothing inspires people to run to the mall and buy some new clothes like severed heads, we guess?

Read the full story at Jezebel.


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