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Lindsay Lohan (Instagram)

‘Still beautiful’

Lindsay Lohan creates a stir by wearing hijab at Modest Fashion Week

By WITW Staff on February 21, 2018

Lindsay Lohan wore a hijab to the second annual London Modest Fashion Week, a sartorial choice that elicited praise and criticism from social media users. Before the show, Lohan also shared a video of a hijab-stylist teaching the famous actress how to style and wear her hijab in the traditional Saudi style. In the video, Lohan revealed that she had been living in Dubai for three years. Speaking to BBC Minute, the Mean Girls star said that she had come to appreciate the beauty of modest apparel.

“Fashion doesn’t always have to be so naked and can be adventurous and still beautiful, with a strong group of women behind it,” said Lohan.

Halal makeup retailer also shared an image of Lohan wearing her hijab, explaining in an Instagram post that Lohan had come by to tell them that she had actually worn all halal cosmetics to the show.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lohan’s hijab drew strong reactions on social media, as many attacked her for promoting what they consider to be oppressive attire — pointing out that women in Iran were currently protesting against mandatory hijab requirements. Others praised Lohan for supporting hijab-wearing women and for sending a positive message about inclusivity.

Speaking with Piers Morgan on Tuesday, Lohan revealed that she had been studying Islam but was noncommittal on whether she was considering converting. She added that she had recently been stopped at an airport while wearing a headscarf and was forced to remove it, an experience that she said left her feeling “racially profiled” and “in shock.”

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