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WATCH: The Women in the World Los Angeles Salon

Tina Brown assembled an inspiring group of women for a night of engaging conversation live from Neuehouse Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard

Tina Brown hosted her annual Women in the World Los Angeles Salon on Tuesday night. She interviewed award-winning actress Viola Davis in a one-on-one conversation to close out the show in a dramatic culmination.

Prior to Davis’ discussion with Brown, president and CEO of A+E Nancy Dubuc, actress Olivia Munn, Recode’s dynamite founder Kara Swisher, leading voice of the Trump resistance MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid, and Zainab Salbi, one of People magazine’s Women Changing the World and host of the new PBS series #MeToo, Now What? all took the stage.

The enterprising Emily Kennedy, founder of Marinus Analytics, who has figured out a game-changing way to aid in the capture of sex traffickers, was honored as a Toyota Mother of Invention. And the remarkable hero Dr. Rola Hallam, the brave British-Syrian doctor who elected to go back to treat wounded victims in the war zone and found an innovative solution of her own to the bombing of a children’s hospital in Syria. The event was streamed live on the Women in the World Facebook page. Watch the complete program above. And check back for video highlights and full coverage coming soon.



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