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Uproar surrounding Quentin Tarantino continues as director issues another apology

Director Quentin Tarantino (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Scrutiny of famed movie director Quentin Tarantino has redoubled following Uma Thurman’s claim that he knowingly put her at risk during the filming of Kill Bill, leading some to point out that the singer Fergie had once spoken out about Tarantino biting her during the filming of Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror. Fergie’s claim was buried in the special bonus footage for Grindhouse, a 2007 double feature that included Planet Terror and Tarantino’s Death Proof. In Planet Terror, Tarantino had played the role of a zombie who attacks Fergie. In an interview included in the footage, Fergie revealed a visible bruise on her shoulder and said, “Quentin fucking bit me.”

“By the end of this shoot, I will bite him back,” she added.

In wake of the renewed publicity over the footage, Fergie, 42, spoke to Entertainment Tonight to clarify that she hadn’t accused Tarantino of wrongdoing, and that the two of them had been having a good time playacting their roles.

“I stand with victims everywhere no matter what genre, race, gender, age. I stand with victims period, and I don’t want to take away from anyone’s story,” Fergie said. “That just wasn’t my story.”

“We were just kind of having banter. We were having a little bit of fun,” she added.

Samantha Geimer appears in court at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center on June 9, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Geimer was assaulted by Director Roman Polanski in Los Angeles in 1977 when she was age 13. (Photo by Paul Buck – Pool/Getty Images)

Tarantino has also taken heat during the past week for his previous comments about Samantha Geimer, who was allegedly raped by director Roman Polanski when she was 13. In a 2003 appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Tarantino had claimed that Polanski hadn’t raped Geimer because she was a “party girl” and “she wanted to have it.” Speaking with The New York Daily News, Geimer, now 54, said that she did “not need other people weighing in on what it’s like getting raped at 13.”

“He was wrong. I bet he knows it,” said Geimer about Tarantino. “I’m not upset, but I would probably feel better if he realizes now that he was wrong, after 15 years, after hearing the facts.”

Tarantino has since apologized by phone to Geimer, and released an official statement to IndieWire in which he claimed that he had “played devil’s advocate … for the sake of being provocative.”

“Fifteen years later, I realize how wrong I was,” wrote Tarantino. “Ms. Geimer WAS raped by Roman Polanski … I didn’t didn’t take Ms. Geimer’s feelings into consideration and for that I am truly sorry. So, Ms. Geimer, I was ignorant, and insensitive, and above all, incorrect.”

Read the full story at The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Tonight, and IndieWire.


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