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Leaked email sent by Ben Affleck to Harvey Weinstein about Rose McGowan speaks volumes

Ben Affleck (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

In July 2017, Ben Affleck emailed Harvey Weinstein to reassure him that he had “no knowledge” about Weinstein’s alleged rape of Rose McGowan, according to The Daily Mail. In McGowan’s new memoir, Brave, she alleged that Affleck addressed what had happened to her during a photo-op held almost immediately after Weinstein’s alleged assault. At the time, wrote McGowan, Affleck told her, “Goddamn it. I told him to stop doing that.”

“She never told me nor did I ever infer that she was attacked by anyone. Any accounts to the contrary are false,” wrote Affleck in an email sent to Harvey Weinstein. “I have no knowledge about anything Rose did or claimed to have done. Accounts otherwise are lies,” he wrote in the message, which was obtained by The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail reports that the email was sent in July, almost three months before accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged serial abuse of actresses and other women were published in exposés by The New York Times and The New Yorker last October. In October 2016, Weinstein had hired former Israeli intelligence agents and private investigators to spy on Rose McGowan and obtain information about the contents of her then-upcoming memoir, according to The New Yorker. To date, Affleck has refused to publicly comment on McGowan’s claim that he knew about Weinstein’s activities a representative for the actor did not respond to a request for a comment on the email.

Jill Messick, who was McGowan’s manager at the time of the alleged attack, also emailed Weinstein, writing that McGowan had not told her that he had raped her but, rather, that the sex was consensual. Messick, who allegedly organized McGowan’s initial meeting with Weinstein and then headed the settlement talks that led to a McGowan signing a non-disclosure agreement, was later offered a high-ranking job at Miramax, the entertainment company co-founded by Weinstein. McGowan has alleged that the Miramax job was a reward from Weinstein for her role in convincing the actress to settle her claim. Messick’s then-assistant, Anne Woodward, has confirmed that at the time McGowan “did not want to settle” but “to fight” Weinstein in court, adding that she had been shocked by how McGowan was treated — as well as her boss’ subsequent move to work for Weinstein just a few months later.

Weinstein has denied the accusations, and claimed that his encounter with McGowan was consensual. During an appearance on Good Morning America this week, McGowan suggested that Weinstein had “handlers” all over the world whose job was “to hand him [his] victims,” adding that she knew her experience was likely one endured by countless other women.

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