‘Obsessed’ uncle raped and murdered woman, 20, for refusing to break up with boyfriend, prosecutor says

Celine Dookhran (Twitter).

Further details have emerged in the case of a 20-year-old Muslim woman who London authorities say was raped and murdered in an apparent honor killing by her “obsessed” uncle.

Celine Dookhran, 20, and another woman in her 20s, whose identity is being kept confidential, were allegedly kidnapped from Dookhran’s room by Mujahid Arshid, 33, and his employee Vincent Tappu, 28. According to the prosecutor in the case, Crispin Aylett, Arshid and other family members had attended a family meeting the night before in which they insisted that Dookhran end her relationship with her boyfriend, a Libyan Muslim, and marry a Pakistani man instead. Aylett claimed that Arshid, had become “obsessed” with Dookhran, and that he decided to kidnap her after deciding that if he could not have her, then “nobody else would.”

During the kidnapping, Arshid and Tappu allegedly stuffed socks into the women’s mouths, taped their mouths shut, and then tied their hands and feet together before wrapping them in a builder’s dust sheet. They also allegedly took Dookhran’s clothes from her room in an attempt to trick authorities into thinking she ran away from home. After transporting the women to a Kingston house where Arshid had been working and tying them to pipes in a utility room, Tappu reportedly left the scene. The prosecution said Arshid proceeded to rape the two women, before killing Dookhran by slitting her throat with a knife. He also allegedly cut the throat of the second woman, telling her that she’d be “dead within 10 minutes,” and hid Dookhran’s body in a large freezer that he secured with a padlock.

Miraculously, the second woman managed to survive and after being taken to a hospital was able to give police information that led investigators to the house and Dookhran’s body. Arshid has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, attempted murder, and two counts of kidnapping and rape, among other charges. His employee, Tappu, is also denying two kidnapping charges and two counts of conspiracy to falsely imprison another person.

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