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Prosecutors formally charge inventor with murder of slain journalist Kim Wall

Swedish journalist Kim Wall (TT NEWS AGENCY/ Tom Wall Handout via REUTERS)

Officials in Denmark have formally charged inventor Peter Madsen in the death of slain journalist Kim Wall. Wall went missing in August after visiting Madsen’s homemade submarine for a story she was working on about him. She never returned and investigators began finding dismembered parts of her body in Koge Bay during the days following her disappearance, all the way until early October when they discovered her head, legs and clothing. Wall, 30, was a freelance journalist from Sweden.

Peter Madsen, builder and captain of the private submarine “UC3 Nautilus” is pictured in Dragoer Harbor south of Copenhagen on Friday, August 11, 2017. (BAX LINDHARDT/AFP/Getty Images)

Madsen’s story has changed several times, investigators have said, and in late October they said he made the grisly admission that he dismembered her body, but he has maintained that he did not murder Wall and that her death was accidental. In October, authorities also hit Madsen, 46, with mutilation and sexual assault charges. The inventor initially said Wall’s death was the result of the submarine’s hatch having fallen and struck her on the head. But an autopsy of her remains found no such head trauma that would corroborate that account. Police believe Madsen then intentionally sank the submarine in a bid to cover up the crime. Prosecutors are pursuing a sentence of life in prison.

Wall’s brutal killing called renewed attention to the dangers that women, particularly those working as freelance journalists with no institutionalized safety precautions built in for their protection, face each day.

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