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‘Buffy’ star Eliza Dushku says famed stunt coordinator molested her when she was 12

Eliza Dushku (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images for Lionsgate)

Actress Eliza Dushku has alleged that one of Hollywood’s most famous stunt coordinators molested her when she was just 12 years old — and then let her fall and break her ribs after her “tough adult female friend” confronted him over his behavior. Dushku said she was motivated to finally speak publicly about Joel Kramer, who worked as her stunt coordinator in 1994 film True Lies, after seeing a photo of Kramer hugging a young girl that “has haunted me near nonstop since.”

“I remember, so clearly 25 years later, how Joel Kramer made me feel special, how he methodically built my and my parents’ trust, for months grooming me; exactly how he lured me to his Miami hotel room with a promise to my parent that he would take me for a swim at the stunt crew’s hotel pool and for my first sushi meal thereafter,” Dushku wrote on Facebook. “I remember vividly … how he disappeared in the bathroom and emerged, naked, bearing nothing but a small hand towel held flimsy at his mid-section … I remember how he laid me down on the bed, wrapped me with his gigantic writhing body, and rubbed all over me. He spoke these words: “You’re not going to sleep on me now sweetie, stop pretending you’re sleeping,” as he rubbed harder and faster against my catatonic body. When he was ‘finished’, he suggested, “I think we should be careful…,” [about telling anyone] he meant. I was 12, he was 36.”

Sue Booth-Forbes, who served as Dushku’s legal guardian on the set of True Lies, corroborated the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star’s account, telling CNN that she reported Kramer “to a person in authority” after the pre-teen told her about what had allegedly happened.

“I was met with blank stares and had the sense that I wasn’t telling that person anything they didn’t already know,” Booth-Forbes recalled. “I tried to keep Joel away from her as did others working on the set, but because of all the stunts she had to do, he was constantly involved with her and her body.” In an essay for HuffPost, Jamie Lee Curtis, who played the role of Dushku’s mother in the film, also revealed that that the actress had confided in her about Kramer’s alleged molestation some years ago. “Many of us involved in True Lies were parents,” Curtis wrote. “Jim, Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and myself. Parents of daughters. What allegedly happened to Eliza, away from the safety net of all of us and our purview is a terrible, terrible thing to learn about and have to reconcile.”

Schwarzenegger also spoke out about Dushku’s revelations, taking to Twitter and saying that he was “shocked and saddened” by the claims.

Since Dushku first came forward, two more women have accused Kramer of sexual misconduct. Stuntwoman Laura Albert told Deadline that Kramer had lured her 15-year-old sister and her 16-year-old friend to the pool at his hotel when he was 39 years old. At the pool, Kramer allegedly exposed his penis to Albert’s sister, and then had intercourse with the sister’s friend in his hotel room. Police were reportedly called about the incident, but didn’t charge Kramer because the age of consent in North Carolina is 16. Another professional stuntwoman accused Kramer of exposing himself to her in a car and forcing her to perform oral sex.

Kramer, who has already been dropped by his talent agency in wake of the accusations, has denied Dushku’s claims as “outlandish, manipulated lies” and as a “well-crafted fabrication.” Kramer has also denied the stuntwoman’s claim, but admitted to having sex with Albert’s sister’s friend.

Read the full story at CNN.


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