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Vanity Fair apologizes for snarky video suggesting New Year’s resolutions to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Child Mind Institute )

We imagine the photo you see above is exactly the side-eye Hillary Clinton would’ve liked to shoot at Vanity Fair after she saw a controversial video that the magazine posted on Twitter two days before Christmas. The video, which was posted while many people were not paying attention on social, started drawing a backlash after the holiday and has made for a rocky start to the Radhika Jones (the first woman to edit the iconic mag since, ahem, Tina Brown) era at Vanity Fair.

The basic gist of the video is that a handful of Vanity Fair editors dole out New Year’s resolution suggestions that Clinton should consider, all while holding a glass of champagne. It was posted on Twitter with a headline that read, “Maybe it’s time for Hillary Clinton to take up a new hobby in 2018.” Some of the ideas the editors offered were “knitting” and “teaching a class about alternate-nostril breathing,” a topic she once discussed during an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show.

As the video gradually made its way through social media, the criticism of it quickly piled up. Patricia Arquette slammed the magazine, advising its editors to “get over your mommy issues,” after issuing an expletive-laden demand.

Others called out the stunt for being sexist, and wondered why something similar wasn’t done for presidential also-ran Joe Biden.

Much of the outrage came from the Clinton camp. One irate former adviser posted a photo on Twitter of himself burning a copy of Vanity Fair, while another slammed the video as a “repulsive cheap shot” and tried to get a hashtag, #CancelVanityFair, trending.

Vanity Fair tried to stop the uproar with an apology for the video. “It was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark,” the magazine said in a statement. Weirdly, the editors didn’t seem to read this story, which suggested Clinton may be interested in pursuing a longtime dream of hers that’s gone unfulfilled. If true, she may already have a “hobby” for the coming year. Below, watch the full video.

Read the full story at Deadline.


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