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New poll shows many women in Minnesota want Al Franken to not go through with resignation plans

U.S. Senator Al Franken leaves after speaking to the media outside his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., November 27, 2017. (REUTERS/Yuri Gripas)

Voters in Minnesota don’t really want to see Al Franken resign his Senate seat, a new poll shows. And women are particularly happy with the job Franken’s been doing and don’t necessarily want to see the outgoing senator leave.

The survey, taken by Public Policy Polling on December 26 and 27, queried 671 Minnesotans and found that Franken’s approval rating is actually above average for a senator from Minnesota and a majority of Minnesota voters, 50 percent, think Franken shouldn’t resign, compared to 42 percent who think he should leave the Senate. Some 60 percent of respondents indicated they think the Senate Ethics Committee should’ve completed an investigation of Franken before the senator decided to step down. The poll also found that 76 percent believed that Minnesota voters should’ve played a more influential role in deciding Franken’s fate, rather than, as described by the pollsters, “other senators in Washington.” And Franken largely has women to thank for these poll numbers. “Franken’s continued popularity is being driven especially by women. 57 percent of them like the job he’s doing to 37 percent who don’t,” the pollsters wrote in their report. “By contrast Donald Trump stands at 40/58 with women in the state.”

The poll’s findings echo sentiments expressed by other Democrats both on and off Capitol Hill. Just before Christmas, Politico reported, several U.S. Senators expressed frustration at the speed with which Franken was pushed to resign. One even lobbied for him to change his decision and not step down, though that is highly unlikely given that Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith has been selected to replace Franken. Franken has said he will officially resign on January 2. The week before Christmas, Women in the World asked readers if they thought Franken’s resignation was premature, and 54 percent of those who took part in that unscientific poll said he resigned too soon.

Read the complete results of the new survey at Public Policy Polling.


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