Wishful thinking

Donald Trump apologizes to all women in hilarious fake mash-up video

In what can only be described as a fit of wishful thinking this holiday season, the Divided States of Women has released a hilarious and strangely cathartic year-end video that mashes up dozens of clips of President Trump apologizing to women everywhere.

“Recently a lot of people have been apologizing and there’s one particular person I think we all need an apology from,” states journalist Liz Plank at the beginning of the video. “So, since he hasn’t done it we decided to say it for him.”

Only two minutes long, the video pulls from the best of Trump’s highlights, helping him admit that women are “smarter than me”, that he’s “not a good president and any woman would do a better job than me” and that despite his better judgement, “Feminism is for everybody.”

Watch the full video below and enjoy for yourself.


Read the full story at HuffPost.

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