‘Best feeling ever’

High-schooler makes history in Texas state championship football game


A Texas teenager became the first high school kicker to play in, and win, the state’s high school football championship on Wednesday, after the Strawn Greyhounds surged to a 78-42 win over the Balmorhea Bears.

“It’s amazing,” K-Lani Nava told The Star-Telegram after her sensational performance. “It’s the best way to end my career, my senior year, everything … it’s the best feeling ever.”

“I didn’t really think about it too much today because I didn’t want it to get too much in my head head and freak out,” she added, when asked about the historical significance of her appearance in the state championship. “I just acted like every other girl played on this field like me.”

K-Lani, a senior, has become a hero in Strawn, which has a population of just under 650 people, and an inspiration to football-loving girls across the state. Her uncle Tito Nava, said that his niece had proven that girls “can do anything.” K-Lani’s mother, Christie Nava, said that there were “no limits” on what her daughter could accomplish, and that K-Lani’s performance on the field was just another example of her determination.

“The first game she ever played, the very first time she ever stepped out on that field, after a bad snap she got laid out,” Christie Nava recalled. “She popped up, and I was like, ‘She can handle this.’”

Watch footage of K-Lani’s groundbreaking performance below. She didn’t just play in the game — she scored nine points for her team by successfully kicking all but one of her point after attempts.

Read the full story at NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.


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