Sing it!

Here’s the fleeting but very satisying Hillary Clinton cameo you need to see right now

Hillary Clinton. (YouTube / The Daily Show)

“What a year … for women. It’s why … we’re singing.”

That’s the refrain of the “Song for Women 2017” Daily Show correspondents Desi Lydic and Dulcé Sloan sang during a year-end wrap-up episode on Monday night. The song covers everything from the Women’s March in January to Wonder Woman’s smash success at the box office to the Harvey Weinstein revelations. It’s great fun. And then it’s capped off by memorable cameo from Hillary Clinton. It’s fleeting — just few seconds of screen time, but well worth it. So without further adieu, as Sloan puts it near the end of the song, at the 5:16 mark, “Yo, Hillary Clinton — take us home!”


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