Dustin Hoffman accusers share details about his alleged abuse — and its impact

Anna Graham Hunter, Cori Thomas and Kathryn Rossetter. (YouTube / NBC News)

Three of the seven women who have accused Dustin Hoffman of sexual misconduct have spoken out once more, sharing details about the actor’s alleged abuse and how it impacted their lives.

Kathryn Rossetter, who had previously revealed that Hoffman would grope her backstage and before photos when the pair starred in a 1985 Broadway production of Death of a Salesman, told NBC News that the day Hoffman first cast her for the famous play was “the most incredible day.” Her joy at the career breakthrough, she said, was soon marred by incessant abuse from the actor, who she said would grope her thigh with his hand every night before they went on stage.

“He would get more and more aggressive and try and go higher and higher and higher until one day he actually tried to penetrate me with his finger,” said Rossetter. “He eroded my self-confidence and my dignity … It was humiliating and demeaning. He robbed me of the joy of that experience.”

Actor Dustin Hoffman. (LAURENT EMMANUEL/AFP/Getty Images)

“I’ve been lying for 34 years. People go, ‘How is it to work with Dustin?’ I tell the half-truth, which is, as an actor working with him, I owe him everything. I learned so much. And then I would stop and there would always be a knot in my stomach about what the real truth was, which is he was abusive and he was a bully,” she added.

Actress Anna Graham Hunter, then a 17-year-old intern on the set of the play, also spoke about demeaning behavior she endured from the actor, including being asked to give him foot rubs and numerous sexual comments made by Hoffman in front of other employees on the set.

Cori Thomas, who said she was 16 and had just finished a visit with Hoffman’s daughter when he allegedly exposed himself to her, said that after the actor was finished parading his naked body in front of her, he put on a robe and asked her for a foot massage.

“I was 16 so I did and he was being suggestive saying, ‘You know I’m naked,’” she recalled him having said. “I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t. I was a polite girl.”

Watch video of the NBC News interview below.

Read the full story at NBC News.


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