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Jodie Foster warns against ‘justice by Twitter,’ calls for open 2-sided dialogue

Jodie Foster (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

While hailing the #MeToo movement as a “watershed moment,” actress and director Jodie Foster has said that she hopes the next step for the movement will entail hearing men’s “side” of the story.

“It is an amazing moment in time, and, you know, in order to do it justice, I think we need a bigger dialogue and a much more complicated dialogue,” Foster said in an interview Tuesday with CBS This Morning. “I think we’re all looking forward to how we can heal, and we want to hear voices. We want to hear the other side as well, in order to really change things.”

“Justice by Twitter,” she added, “is not the answer.”

Speaking at The New York Times’ TimesTalks series, Foster elaborated further on her feelings about the #MeToo movement — and about the importance of people communicating with each other, openly and honestly.

“It hurts,” said the 55-year-old Oscar winner. “It’s painful, it’s not comfortable, but we need go to through this … we’ll hopefully have a long, national group therapy session about sexual harassment that we’ve never had before.”

Foster also alluded to the Civil Rights Movement, noting that issues pertaining to racial inequality remain a difficult conversation more than 50 years after some of the most pivotal changes to America’s fabric.

“With race, the law was changed, but we didn’t talk about it, we didn’t deal with it,” she said. “And that’s why it’s still an issue today. We have a chance now to do things differently, and I hope we use that chance.”

Watch video of Foster’s appearance on CBS This Morning below.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post and Refinery29.


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