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A Taiwanese woman seen delivering her own baby. (Dr. Lin Tzu-hung / Instagram)

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Facebook bans doctor’s amazing viral photo of woman delivering her own baby

By WITW Staff on December 11, 2017

Ahh, the miracle of life. So wondrous and heartwarming, but not when it’s captured in a photo, with all of the sights and drama and then some, and posted on the world’s biggest social media platform.

An obstetrician from Taiwan saw a viral photo he snapped in the delivery room, showing a woman delivering her own baby removed from the social media site for running afoul of pornography rules, he said. Dr. Lin Tzu-hung of the Dianthus MFM Center in Taipei snapped the amazing photo of his patient, in the throes of labor, as she reached down and, smiling, pulled her newborn from between her legs. The doctor had posted the image, according to reports, with the woman’s permission. “This super brave mom just delivered her own baby. Beautiful,” the doctor said in the photo caption.

The photo is definitely graphic and shows blood — a typical site during any human birth — but the patient’s arms were situated so as to cover her vagina. It had racked up 10,000 likes, but then Facebook pulled the plug on it. The doctor, in a subsequent post on his Facebook page, said he was told that Facebook censors had deemed the photo pornography. “I am very upset,” he lamented.

Facebook has had issues with assessing nude depictions of female anatomy in the past, and some of its decisions to censor certain images have resulted in backlash. Just earlier this year a sketch of a nude woman featured on a tote bag for a group that does advocacy work for women’s advancement was banned. The social media giant once banned an animated breast cancer awareness video for being “offensive,” and a photographer from Australia locked horns with Facebook censors last year after her photos, which “showed the truth and beauty of childbirth,” were deemed “explicit” and she was threatened with suspension. Those are just a few examples.

In this case, Lin then posted the exact same photo on his Instagram account, where it is still available for viewing now. Facebook reportedly has not weighed in publicly on why the photo was removed from Lin’s page, but the social media giant owns Instagram. Perhaps different guidelines are being enforced on Instagram, which has also had notable issues with its censoring of the female body. According to The Daily Mail, Lin got some feedback on his Facebook page from social media users who said he shouldn’t have been surprised the photo was censored.

“Doctor, your photo was very beautiful; it was full of love,” one user reportedly wrote. “But it was definitely too shocking — not everybody can handle that.”

In his Instagram post, Lin addressed the shocking nature of the photo. “YES, this is a ‘shocking’ picture, but that this is how we come from,” he wrote. “We should always be thankful how brave of our moms and wives have been through.”

Now, you may find the image to be too shocking to behold, which is why we’ve embedded it all the way at the bottom of the story. If you think it might be, this is your last chance to turn back and not see it.

If not, continue scrolling down.




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