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Reclusive billionaire heiress explains why employees rate her company so highly

Lynsi Snyder (YouTube)

Lynsi Snyder, the reclusive owner of In-N-Out, has given a rare interview in which she discussed how she’s managed to make the burger chain the 4th best U.S. company to work for, according to employee reviews posted on Glassdoor. Of the top 50 companies on Glassdoor’s list, In-N-Out is also distinguished by being the only restaurant chain included — and Snyder herself received a 97 percent approval rating from her employees.

“Listening to our associates is a serious priority for me,” the billionaire heiress told Business Insider. “My hope is that anyone who spends time as an In-N-Out associate finds the experience valuable — an opportunity to learn and grow, and to have fun.”

Part of the fun for In-N-Out employees, no doubt, is that they receive $12.27 an hour on average — almost 50 percent more than what’s made by the average employees at McDonalds ($8.45 an hour) or Burger King ($8.25 an hour). But according to Snyder, paying employees decently is only part of how a company can show its employees that its invested in their happiness and well-being.

“We spend a lot of time doing activities together — we have annual trips, we play sports, and every year we have several trips to my dad’s ranch, sometimes for workshops and play, sometimes just for In-N-Out family time,” Snyder said. “They [the employees] are the reason for our success, and they deserve to enjoy coming to work, to feel appreciated, and to be treated like family, which is what I consider them.”

Read the full story at Glassdoor.


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