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Giant scarf could be a game-changing gift this holiday season

The Chunky Mohair Tube Scarf in Beige Mix. (

Christmas is less than three weeks away and you may be beginning to scramble to find the perfect gift for a friend, relative or spouse. Sure, you love the idea of splurging on a unique present like the Tiffany Sterling Silver Ball of Yarn for $9,000. But let’s be honest: Who actually has that kind of scratch? What to do then?

Behold the garment of clothing that could be a genuine game-changer this holiday season. We give you the giant mohair tube scarf:

The Chunky Mohair Tube Scarf in Beige Mix. (

Admit it. This is … unique, to say the least. And at $280, it’s far more affordable than the silver ball of yarn. Plus, it comes in four convenient colors and is hand-knitted. “Who is the mad genius behind this giant scarf?” you ask. Milena from Bulgaria, whose “addiction to yarns and knitting started [a] long time ago, somewhere in the late 80-ties,” according to her Etsy profile. Her company, Dukyana, recently launched an online shop after experiencing success on eBay and Etsy. And trust us, there are many more options on the website if the giant scarf strikes you as a tad overwhelming.

But if warm is what you’re looking for, the giant scarf seems like a slam-dunk to keep you or whomever you buy it for nice and toasty this winter. And, if nothing else, it makes Lenny Kravitz’s famous oversized scarf look completely sensible.

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