Heated debate on childcare ensues after employee is shamed for holding baby at Dunkin’ Donuts


Discussion over the acceptability of bringing one’s baby to work has erupted on social media after a Twitter user shamed a woman she saw carrying a baby while working the counter at a Dunkin’ Donuts. In an apparent attempt at drawing the company’s attention to the employee, a Twitter user shared a picture of the woman in a since-deleted post, writing, “Really @DunkinDonuts?” In response, users across social media jumped to the woman’s defense, noting that women who don’t have or can’t afford childcare often have to choose between either bringing their child to work or losing their job.

The Twitter user then hit back at critics, writing that the baby was “sneezing all over the food I was about to buy” and that people should “mind your own damn business and stop speaking on stuff you know nothing about.” Some defended the Twitter user as well, writing that they wouldn’t want to see someone who worked with food carrying a baby either.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Carla Moquin, the founder of the Babies at Work program, said that bringing one’s baby to the work is good for both the infant and the mother, but that “there needs to be a formal, structured policy in place for people to benefit.” Within the last year or so, photos of multitasking moms have gone viral online — but in those cases, the women were praised for their poise, not criticized.

Read the full story at Yahoo News.


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